Temperature Control of Peltier Element #1

Objective and Concept

The crude objective of this project was to be able to control the internal temperature of a closed container system, i.e. The temperature of the container is chosen by the user between certain limits.

Initially, our project was to control the temperature of a system (i.e. a box or a container), we had decided to use a Peltier element for heating and cooling, though we were successful in controlling the temperature of a Peltier element, we couldn’t control the temperature of a container due to insufficient knowledge of thermodynamics, heat sink designs, improper insulation’s etc. Due to all these factors the system wasn’t isolated from the outside environment, either the heat escaped from the container or the outside heat didn’t allow the container to cool.

So we changed our focus to only controlling the Temperature of a Peltier element, as this was one of the major and essential parts in controlling the temperature of the system

Initial Approach

The initial block diagram of this project looked something like this –


At this point, we had not fixed any components that we were going to use for this project.

The rudimentary plan was to use a heating element and a cooling element for bringing temperature changes. A sensor for reading the current state temperature of the box.
And finally, a micro-controller that accepts user input to set the temperature of the box, the micro-controller is interfaced with the heating and cooling elements, and sensor such that it would receive current state temperature from the sensor and depending on the deviation between current and set temperature it will control the action of heating and cooling elements.


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