Fluidsim Lab Tutorial 2 (AIS Lab)

In this article, I will be explaining the following experiment conducted in Fluidsim for the Instrumentation lab or Fluidsim lab.

If you haven’t read the previous experiments it is highly suggested to go through them first, they can be accessed from the following link –

Experiment –

Automatic retraction of Double Acting Cylinder with the option of Single Cycle or Auto Cycle, along with speed control in the forward direction, and rapid return.

Fluidsim Lab Schematic

The most important part of this experiment is associating the operation of valves C and D with the initial (L1) and final (L2) position of the double-acting cylinder respectively.

It can be done in the following manner :

Step 1:

Double Click on the Double Acting Cylinder to open its properties > Click on the ‘Actuating Labels‘ tab > Set the labels as shown in the picture below >Click Ok

Cylinder Configuration

Step 2:

Double Click on the Circular Part of the mechanical valve C to open its label properties


For Valve C enter L1.12

Repeat the same step for valve D and set the label as L2.


Valve A is a push-button operated 3/2 valve with a spring return.
When valve A is operated the double-acting cylinder actuates forward, and retracts automatically on reaching position L2.

Valve B is a manually operated 3/2 valve with spring return.
Note that it is not a push-button valve!

Valve B – Manually Operated

When Valve B is operated (clicked once) it starts continuous action of the cylinder i.e. the forward and reverses actuation continues multiple times until Valve B has operated again (clicked again)

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You can download the fluidsim files for this Experiments from my GitHub Repository here.


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